Security and nightly backup


We take the security of your data seriously and use a level of encryption similar to your internet banking. OnePageCRM’s servers have Comodo issued security certificates ( SSL) so all data transferred between you and our servers is encrypted (

Encryption is the process of transforming information to make it unintelligible to all but the intended recipient.

Thawte is a leading provider of SSL certificates globally and provide 256-bit encryption.

Nightly Backup

For our servers we use world-leading cloud hosting company Amazon (AWS), yes the same company as the online retail store. Incremental backup’s are scheduled to run nightly and full backups weekly. In addition, the server's redundancy means your data is protected even in the event of a component failure.

Evidence of database backups can be seen in the right hand-side panel (see A) in Qualification layout. To view this, go to Show/Hide link (see B), and click Show (see C) to make Activity visible in the right hand-side panel.

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