How to enable Tag Sync across all contacts within a company

If you have multiple contacts who work for the same company, and want to keep all of their Tags in Sync across their account:

  1. Open Contact view and click on Edit to the right (see A).

  2. Select the Sync box beside the contact's Tags (see B) and click Save.

Automatic Tag Sync across all contacts in a company

To set Tag Sync as the default for all contacts in their companies:

  1. Access gear icon > Settings > Preferences (see C) and select the option to Sync Tags by default (see D).

  • Sync Tags is switched off by default. If you switch it on for all contacts across all companies, it will automatically sync for any new contacts and companies.
    • Existing contacts and companies will need to be set manually by following the steps in the first section above but will stay in sync after.
  • Tags from all contacts will be combined and appear under every contact in that company.

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