Close Next Action/sales cycle for a contact

If you have no Next Action (or Queued Action) with a contact, you can close the sales cycle with it for you but not for other team members.

Even though the contact is closed for you, you still can assign Next Actions to your team members or reopen it by entering a Next Action for you.

  • Close Next Action / sales cycle for a contact 
  • Reopen a closed contact

Close Next Action / sales cycle for a contact

To close your contact without a Next Action, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the contact you wish to close.
  2. If you have any Queued Action(s) with this contact below the blue box delete these by:
    • Mouse hover over Queued Action.
    • Click the bin icon to delete Queued Action.
    • Repeat first two steps for each Queued Action assigned to you.
  3. If a Next Action exist, mark this complete by ticking the check-box on the left.
  4. Once Next Action field is empty, click on the Close link above it.
  5. Enter Closing Comment. (Optional).
  6. Click Save to close sales cycle for this contact.

  • All your closed contacts (with or without closing comments) are shown at the bottom of your Action Stream. If you have selected the “Hide contact without actions in My Action Stream” option from Settings, all closed contacts are hidden from your Acton Stream.

Reopen a closed contact

To re-open the sales cycle with a closed contact do the below:

  1. Go to the your closed contact you wish to re-open.
  2. To reopen either:
    • Tick check-box to the left of the closing text/comment in the blue area.
    • Add a Next Action by clicking the + sign at the bottom right corner of the blue area.
  3. Enter Next Action text and assign it to you.
  4. Click Save.

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