How to change user privileges?

If you are an Account Owner or Administrator, you can change the privileges of a user as described below:

  1. Go to gear icon > Users tab (see A).
  2. On the Users page, click on the User box of your choice to change their privileges (see B).
  3. In the Edit privileges pop-up window, you have the option:
    • To grant full access to the user by selecting the Administrator option from the drop down (see C).
      • Click Save to submit changes (see F)

    • To assign one or more specific privileges to a User (See D) by selecting appropriate check-boxes (see E):
      • can View Activity Reporting
      • can View Pipeline
      • can Edit own targets
      • can Export data
      • can Delete contacts
      • can Own private contacts
    • Click Save to submit changes (see F)


  • The sales targets are part of the Pipeline page, so they can edit their own Targets privilege option can only be selected together with the can see the Pipeline page option.

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