Working with organization account (Account View)

For users working with Accounts rather than individual contacts, we've created a list of associated colleagues called Account view. One thing you must ensure is that all colleagues are linked by an identical Organization name.

All the activity (notes, calls, pending deals, etc.) of all the contacts within an organization are compiled under the organization's  Account view page.

To access this, click on the Account view icon either:

  • Under a contact listed in the Action Stream (see A).
  • Open Account view (see B) and click on the Organization name.

In the Account view, you can:

  • Add / Edit organization fields (see C):
    • O


    • Description.
    • Org. phone number.
    • Org. URL.
    • Org. address.
    • Org. custom fields.
  • View lifetime Won and current Pending deal values of the organization (see D).
  • Add or Link a contact to the organization (see E).
  • Filter by existing contacts associated with the organization to be displayed in the Action Stream (see F).
  • View and access all contacts in the organization (see G).
  • Link a contact to the account who is related to the sale but not part of the organization (see H).
  • View the list of pending deals for all contacts in the organization (see I).
  • View a consolidated list of the activities and by specific activity type for all contacts in the organization (see J).
  • Pending deals and activities of Linked contacts do not appear in the organization account (Account view).

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