Email is a great way to communicate with your leads and customers. Cloud-based applications like Gmail, and IMAP-supported clients offer an efficient and modern way to do this job.

This is a pre-installed integration that offers to customize your email capture preferences:

  • Set your primary email client
  • Use email dropbox to capture emails manually

Follow the steps below to set any of the above:

  1. Go to Apps > Integrations (see A).
  2. Click on the Email icon under the Communications Apps category (see B).
  3. On the Email page > Configuration tab > Step 1, set your primary email client (see C) of your choice from the drop-down provided.
    For more details, see  How to set your primary mail client to Gmail / Google Apps mail?.
  4. In Step 2, copy your unique email dropbox address (see D) to manually capture copies of emails exchanged with a contact. To generate a new address click on the Generate a new one link.
    For more information on how to use this address checkout  How to use email dropbox address?

How to pin Email to the Apps menu

To pin the  Email integration to the Apps menu (see E), select the check-box: Pin this application to the Apps menu (see F).

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