How are contacts sorted in My Action Stream?

All your contacts are listed in an Action Stream, a dynamic list of all your contacts with their associated next action prioritized by date.

When a sales action is required your contact floats to the top and turns red for urgent or overdue tasks. On each task completion you are encouraged to set a new next action into the future. Once saved this contact will slide down the list and will gradually come up on nearing the due date.

On the day when the action is due it will stay on top and turn red until completed. This is to ensure that you keep all your contacts in the continuous loop with a bullet-proof follow up system until a sale is achieved and even afterwards.

Although a user can only have one Next Action with a contact at a given time, you can create a Queued Action: subsequent action assigned to you or any of your team members. Queued Actions contain no dates.

In the Action stream contacts are sorted by the rule set out below:

ASAP > Overdue > Today > Future date > Waiting for > Queued action for me > Queued action for team member > Closed contact with comment > Closed contact without comment > No action.

Within each section, contacts are sorted by the first letters of the Next Action text. In case when contacts have no action, these are displayed in alphabetical order of their first name.

Click here to view the Anatomy of your Action Stream.

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