How to search contacts by location (Address, Zip, City, State, Country)?

You can search your contacts by Address, Zip, City, State or Country using our Advanced Search feature as listed below:

Click on the downward arrow on the right side of the search box (see A).

  1. In the Advanced Search pop-up, select all from Where contacts match of the following… drop-down if you wish that contacts meet all selected criteria. Otherwise select the any option (see B).
  2. Define search criteria:
    • Select one of the location options (Address, Zip, City, State, Country) from the Address section of the provided drop-down list.
    • Enter your search criteria.
  3. To combine multiple criteria, click on the Add search term link (see C).
  4. To save this search, name it in the Save search as a filter? (see D) field (Optional).
  5. Click Run to generate the results (see E).

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