How to add a new contact

To add a single contact, click on the Add Contact button (see A) at the top of the Action Stream list and then:

  1. Enter new contact's details in the blank fields (see B). You are required to provide at least a Last name or Organization name in order to create a contact.
  2. Assign a Status by selecting one of the options from the drop-down list provided (see C).
  3. Add Tags to the contact (see D). (Tagging is a simple way to organize your contacts and divide them into groups that you can work on in bulk. )
  4. Assign the contact's Owner (see E).
  5. Click Save (see F).
  6. After you've saved a contact, you are prompted to enter a Next Action for this contact (see G). Next Action is the next task to be completed for a contact to bring a sale to a closure. Once a Next Action is scheduled and saved, the contact will gradually float to the top of the Action Stream when the action is due. For more details, check out Assign actions to contact article.
  7. After the Next Action is saved, a new contact is shown in your Action Stream (see H).

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