How OnePageCRM finds social data to Enhance your contacts?

When you Add or Edit a contact in OnePageCRM, the Enhance icon appears when we find additional social data relating to your contact's email address.

This article will explain how we do this.   

How do we find contact's social data?

OnePageCRM is connected to the online service FullContacts.  

Using their extensive database which combines publicly available information from across the web, they create complete contact records.

When our  Enhance icon appears, it means that we have found additional information on your contact through FullContacts. You can update this with just one click.

Example of how 'Enhance' works:

FullContacts gathers data from multiple sources across the web.
Imagine that five people are sitting around a table and each pulled out a contact record for CEO, Bart Lorang.
  • One person might have his Twitter handle and email address; a second might have just an email address and an image; and the others might have various other pieces of data.
  • If all of that information were mashed together, as humans, the group could put together a "FullContacts" record for Bart with a high degree of accuracy. This is basically how FullContacts works. 
Once you click OnePageCRM's Enhance icon, we'll search FullContacts for the information using the Email address you input for this contact.

How accurate is the 'Enhance' data?

The accuracy rate of this data is over 90%, while the match/fill rates are usually between 20-60%. 
  • Match rates: Refer to whether we can return at least one social URL for a given email or other query parameter.
  • Fill rates: The amount of information which can be supplied for that contact.
    • Depends on the nature of the query. For example, an old or out-of-date email address would typically result in a lower fill-rate than a current, accurate one.

What are the match rates by location?

Geographically, we see matches that fall within the following percentages:
  • United States: 40-60%
  • United Kingdom: 20-40%
  • Australia / South Africa: 20-40%
  • Other International Countries: 10-30%
  • FullContacts does not have access to any data in your OnePageCRM account. 
  • You can learn more about FullContacts by reading their knowledge base.
  • You can view a full list of the social network types that FullContacts can return here.
  • If you are using FullContacts to enhance contacts based in the EU, we would strongly recommend referencing that you use FullContacts for processing data in your Privacy Policy or other internal policies. See FullContacts' Privacy Policy here.

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