How to send emails in bulk directly from inside OnePageCRM [Gmail]

This feature is currently is in a closed beta group, however it will be released soon. If you'd like to try it out, please email

In order to send bulk emails directly from inside OnePageCRM, you must first connect our email integration with your Google Apps mail or Gmail email address. 

Then take the following steps:

  1. Select all contacts that you want to email using the bulk selector (see A) or individual contacts by selecting the check box beside their name (see B). 
    • (You can also select contacts from any of the filters to the left of your Action Stream including; tags, status, lead source or a custom filter.)
  2. Under Message select Send email... (see C). 

  3. Type the message for your master email for Step 1: Create master email and preview (see D) or choose a Template (see E). Learn more about Templates here.

    • Variables appear in orange text (see F) and will automatically update for each contact.
    • Select Preview to view emails.

  4. In Step 2: Preview emails where you can click the Edit individually link to personalize the content of each (see G). 
    1. Scroll through emails using the left and right toggles adding a personal touch for each contact (see H).
    2. Click Send all once you're happy with your email messages (see I).


  • You must have a Google Apps mail or Gmail email address associated with your OnePageCRM account - all emails are sent from this address.
  • There is a limit of sending 200 emails per day.
  • It is possible to set up email templates which can be accessed in this area also. Learn more here.
  • Under Templates (see E), you can select Save message as a template to reuse this email in future.
  • You can customize your subject line to include first name, last name, company etc.

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