How to create email templates [Gmail]

This feature is currently is in a closed beta group, however it will be released soon. If you'd like to try it out, please email

In order to create emails templates in OnePageCRM, you must first have a Google Apps mail or Gmail address associated with your account.

To create email templates in OnePageCRM:

  1. Open Apps > Integrations (see A) and select Email (see B).

  2. Under Templates (see C) select Add Template (see D) and enter the fields with your template data (see E).

  3. Select the check box to make this template Visible to all users on your account (see F).

  4. Choose to Insert variable if suitable for your template (see G).

  5. Select Save to create this template.


  • Use Variables in your template and we'll auto-insert the matching details for each contact.
    • So First name appears as [contact.firstname], Last name appears as [contact.lastname], etc.
    • Variables have a fall back option so "Hi [contact.firstname,fallback=there]", means that if  there is no contact first name, it will default to Hi there.
    • Variables also include contact custom fields (learn more about setting up custom fields here).
  • Email templates are only available once you've set Gmail or Google Apps mail as your primary mail client.
  • If you chose to 'open in your email client', your email signature will lose it's formatting as mailto links do not  support HTML.

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