Capture forwarded/BCCed email in OnePageCRM

To store email correspondence with your contacts in OnePageCRM, do the following:

Get your OnePageCRM email dropbox address

  1. Go to Apps > Integrations.
  2. Click on the Email logo under the Communications Apps category.
  3. In Step 2 on the Email page > Configuration tab, copy the Your email dropbox address (see A).

Forward an email from your contact to OnePageCRM

  1. Go to your preferred web/email client.
  2. Open the email that you wish to forward.
  3. Click Forward.
  4. Paste the OnePageCRM email dropbox address to the To field.
  5. Click Send.

BCCed email

When responding to your contact, you can add in the BCC field your email dropbox address to this correspondence to be captured in OnePageCRM:

  1. Go to your preferred web / email client.
  2. Open the email that you wish to respond to.
  3. Click Reply.
  4. Paste the OnePageCRM email dropbox address (as per above) to the BCC field.
  5. Click Send.
  • You can directly send emails to contacts from your OnePageCRM account by clicking on their e-mail address. This prompts the default email client to open a new message window and have the BCC field auto-populated with your OnePageCRM's email dropbox address.

To view the forwarded / BCCd email in OnePageCRM

  1. Access your OnePageCRM account.
  2. Search for the contact in question and click on the contact to open.
  3. Scroll down and click on the Email (see B) tab to display email history of the contact.
  4. Click on the top one to view the most recently forwarded/BCCed emails.
  • If an email is forwarded/replied to a non-existing email address in OnePageCRM, the captured email is flagged as unassigned email under Notifications located on the top bar of your OnePageCRM account. Once opened, you can use this email address to:
    • Assign to an existing contact
    • Create a new contact for it
  • The subscript number on the top right corner on the Email tab appears when you have an unread email assigned to this contact.

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