Forward emails to your Capture Bcc address

Your Capture Bcc address allows you to log email communication with your contacts from your email client in your OnePageCRM account. We would recommend storing a copy of your Capture Bcc address as a contact in your address book for easy access when emailing directly from your email client.

In this article:
Find your OnePageCRM Capture Bcc address Forward an email from your email client to OnePageCRM
Respond and store an email from your email client in OnePageCRM Where are emails logged in OnePageCRM?

How to find your OnePageCRM Capture Bcc address

Go to your  User Profile / Initials (in the top right-hand corner) → Select  All  Apps and Integrations  → under  Communication Apps go to  Email .
Under  Configuration, click  Need to forward emails and create new contacts to OnePageCRM?
Note: To generate a new Capture Bcc address click  ‘Generate a new one .

Your unique Capture Bcc email address is found in the box below.

Forward an email from your email client to OnePageCRM

Forward the email and in the To field put your Capture Bcc address to log this email in OnePageCRM.

Respond and store an email from your email client to OnePageCRM

Reply to a contact from your email client and paste your Capture Email address into the Bcc field so the email is logged in OnePageCRM.

Where are emails logged in OnePageCRM?

  • Captured emails are logged under the contact’s Emails timeline tab. Note: Emails or attachments must not exceed 10MB per email

  • You can also find them on your Email page under All Email
  • If the email address doesn't exist in OnePageCRM but the Capture Bcc address has been added in the To or Bcc field, the email will be sent to the Notifications area in OnePageCRM. 

  • Here you have the option to assign it to an existing contact, create a new one or delete the unassigned email.
    • Your total available file storage depends on your plan: 
      • SMB: 10GB/user
      • SMB Plus: 20GB/user
      • Enterprise: 40GB/user
    • Emails will be logged within a matter of minutes, but from time-to-time users may experience a slight delay depending on the volume of emails being processed at that time.
    • The subscript number on the top right corner on the Email tab appears when you have an unread email assigned to this contact.

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