How Speed Dialer for iOS works

The OnePageCRM Speed dialer allows you to make calls to a list of selected contacts while on the go. In order for contacts to be displayed in the Speed Dialer, contacts must be starred, have a Next Action and a phone number. 

How it works (iOS)

Open your iOS mobile app and select  MORE.
Select Speed dialer from the menu.

A list of your starred contacts will appear in the Speed Dialer. 
Note: A starred contact will only appear if they are assigned to your user and if the contact has a phone number.
Click on the contact you wish to call.
After the call, you can add a call result and Save
Click next to call the following person on your list.
  • You will get a notification if someone on your call list rings you so you can log the call result. 
  • Use the Today tab to see the call list for those contacts with a Next Action for today.