How to set your default Deal Preferences

We understand that Deal Preferences can differ for each company and even for each team member, based on your sales process and approach. To assist you with this, you can customize your own default Deal Preferences for your Deal Preview and Sales Commission. This will save you time when creating new deals and reviewing existing ones.

To update your Deal Preferences please go to your User/Profile iconSettingsPreferences → scroll down to Deal Preferences.

How to update your default Deal Preview

When viewing a deal on a contacts page, you have the option to choose if you want the following to show by default:
  • Deal Items
  • Description
  • Description attachments
  • Custom Fields (Custom Fields will be displayed by name in this section)
  • Using the dropdown For long descriptions in Deal Preview you can choose how many lines to display by default.


    • Any changes to your preferences will be saved automatically.
    • You can choose which Custom Field you want to show by default (this will only be displayed while viewing the deal if the Custom Field is filled in for the deal).
    • If Description attachments are enabled it will automatically enable Description in the Deal Preview as well.
    • The default setting for the Deal Preview is to show Description and Description attachments.
    Once updated, your changes will be reflected when viewing a deal on a contacts page.

    How to set a default commission for deals

    Under Default commission % insert your commission value.

    Once you enable the commission field, your default commission will be seen in newly created Deals.


    • Any changes to your preferences will be saved automatically.
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