How much is OnePageCRM?

If you're happy with OnePageCRM and want to subscribe you might be interested in the pricing

You can pay for OnePageCRM in USD, Euro or GBP, and the price is set per user per month. The price for OnePageCRM is $12 USD / €11/ £9.75 GBP for each user per month. You have the option to sign up for monthly billing or for annual billing, and if you sign up for annual billing you'll receive 1-month free discount, saving you one full month. All payments are taken through your preferred payment card.

Your OnePageCRM subscription includes:

  • Quick set up. No on-boarding needed
  • Unlimited Contacts, Notes, Calls, Deals
  • 2GB file storage
  • Bulk Email Send and Email Templates
  • Integrated Sales Quotes
  • Custom Activity Reports
  • Integrations with Mailchimp, Xero & more
  • Native iOS and Android mobile apps
  • World-class support and training
  • Note:
    • See here how to subscribe to OnePageCRM.
    • If you require more information on pricing please contact

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