How does OnePageCRM charge VAT?

OnePageCRM is headquartered in Ireland and is subject to file VAT returns to the Irish Revenue. 

Please note that all Irish customers are liable to Irish VAT, and all EU based business customers with a valid VAT number must self account for VAT on reverse charge basis. If you are an individual EU customer you will be subject to VAT charged at the VAT rate of your country of residence. In OnePageCRM, you can enter your VAT number in the Billing Info tab. Follow the steps below to enter your VAT number.

Go to your  User profileUsers, Plans and Billing.
Go to Billing Billing Info Edit.

If your organization is registered for VAT in the European Union, and you update your postal address which confirms this, you will be asked to input your VAT number. Under the  Billing Info →  VAT number field type your organization's VAT number → Save.
Note: If your VAT number is invalid, the system will reject it and you will be asked to provide a valid VAT number. If you do not provide a valid VAT number, then you will be charged VAT. 
  • If your company is VAT exempt please provide your VAT 56B form to our support team at ahead of upgrading.
  • You're not required to provide a VAT number if your organization is based outside of the EU.

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