When to select automatically include Email Capture Address?

If you have selected Send only (emails you send and receive will not be automatically logged in the CRM). However, you can choose to automatically include your Email Capture Address to log outgoing emails in OnePageCRM.

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Automatically include capture Bcc address on the browser
Capture Bcc address on mobile

Automatically include Email Capture Address on the browser

Go to your User Profile / Initials (in the top right-hand corner) → Select  All Apps and Integrations Email.

Under the Configuration tab, you have the option to select  Automatically include Email Capture Address .

When you select this option, this means that if you have connected your email account to OnePageCRM, only outgoing emails you send from OnePageCRM will be logged in the CRM. 
If you choose to " Open in your email client" - this means that you are opening the compose window directly in your email client. 
See here how to make Mailto your default option when clicking on an email address. 
Note: If you are a Gmail user, you get two options: Open in your Gmail in browser or Open in your local client.

 Your email Email Capture Address will be automatically added to the BCC field of the outgoing email. 

Automatically include Email Capture Address on mobile

On the mobile app, open a contact and click on their email address.

The  Email Capture Address is in the BCC field of the outgoing email. This ensures that a copy of this email is logged in the CRM. 

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