How to use the Business Card Scanner on Android device

Using the OnePageCRM Business Card Scanner, you can take a picture of your prospect's business card and we will automatically recognize their contact information and add them as a new contact in OnePageCRM. 


Open up the mobile app and select the Plus icon to the bottom right of your screen.

Select the option Scan Card.

Take a photo of the business card. Once you're happy with the photo taken, select Use Photo.

Double-check all the details and hit the checkmark button to save.

  • There are limits associated with the number of card scans you can do depending on the plan you're subscribed to. 
    • If you're subscribed to the Professional plan, you get 100 card scans per month. 
    • If you're subscribed to the Business plan, you get 500 scans per month.
    • If you need to retake a photo, the previous attempt will not count from your monthly limit. 
  • If you cancel before sending the business card information to the app, this scan will not be taken from your monthly limit.
  • If you're on an OnePageCRM legacy plan (signed up prior to December 2020), then to use this feature you must upgrade to either Business or Professional plan.
  • Card scan limits are reset on the 1st of every month. If you try to use this feature after reaching your limit, you'll be given the option to upgrade your plan. 
  • You can take a photo of contact details on a screen and it will allow you to create a contact.
  • It does not map contact information to custom fields.
  • It is not possible to recognize the type of phone number or email address (E.G. Cell, Work, Home).
  • If adding the contact from the organization view, if there are more than 2 contacts already in that organization, you cannot change the company name.
  • If you try to scan without a business card, you will receive an error.
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