On the Road App (Android)

The OnePageCRM On the Road is an AI-powered route planning app that allows you to quickly select the contacts you want to visit and automatically calculate the optimal route, using the most up-to-date traffic data. This will give you the time estimate for your journey, and get you there in the most efficient way possible! 

The Speed Dialer can now be accessed from the On the Road App, allowing you to Speed Dial your Starred contacts or the ones with the Next Action set for Today. This way you can quickly call your contacts and log the call result or leave a note for these contacts.

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Download the Android On the Road App Build your journey with On the Road App
Navigate to your contacts' address Use the Speed Dialer

Download the Android On the Road App

You can find the On the Road App for Android in the Play Store.

Build your journey with On the Road App

After you've downloaded and installed the On the Road app, log in using your OnePageCRM login details.
Select Route planner.
Step 1: Select the contacts you want to visit under the Starred or Today section → Next.
Contacts under the Starred sections are contacts that you have previously starred, while contacts under the Today section are contacts that have a Next Action due today. Only contacts with a contact or organization postal address will be displayed here. 
If a contact has more than one postal address (e.g. an organization address) you can select to which address you want to navigate by clicking on the arrow beside the contact name.
Step 2: Select your average stop time. Here, you can set how long your meetings are going to be → Next.
Note: By default, the average stop time is set to 30 minutes, but the route planner will remember your previously set average stop time.
In the pop-up requesting permission to use device location select "While using the app" or "Only this time" as preferred.
Step 3: Select finish point. Here, select where your endpoint for your journey will be. Start point is selected by default, but you can select from any one of the following options:
  • Start Point
  • Address (enter address)
    The address you enter will be remembered for next time.
  • Select from contact list

Navigate to your contacts' address

On the Road will build the optimal route and navigate you to each stop. The app takes into consideration the most up-to-date traffic data and ensures you get to your destination as quickly as possible. 

You have the option to set your default navigation app in your phone settings.

Once you've built your journey you can view the map directions to your chosen addresses, select Navigate → your default navigation app will open along with the directions. Note: If a contact has an invalid address, they'll be added to the invalid address list below the journey.
Select Completed when you've finished each meeting.
When you've finished your journey for all contacts, select Complete Route.
  • On the Road app is also available for iOS. See here for more info.
  • Only contacts with a contact or organization postal address will be displayed.
  • When you're building your journey the contact address will be selected by default.
  • You can select up to 10 contacts to build your journey.

Use the Speed dialer

The Speed dialer is part of the On the Road app and can be accessed on the welcome screen of the app.

Open On the Road app, on the welcome screen select Speed dialer.
Select the contact you want to call from under the Starred or Today section.
Note: Only contacts with at least one contact or organization phone number will be displayed. 
Click on a phone number to make a call. 

After you've finished your call, you'll receive a notification to remind you to log the call. Click on the notification to log the call. 

Click + Call Result to add a call result to your contact.

Add your call results, any notes if required, and mention your team member using @ + their name if required → Save.
Note: If you mention a team member in the note, they will receive a notification of this. 
  • The Speed dialer is also available for iOS. See here.
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