Activity Reporting

Activity Reporting page can be accessed in top right hand corner of the main menu bar: Activity

Account owner or Administrator can also set up users' rights to view Activity page. To achieve this go to gear icon > Users > User boxPrivileges and mark the can see the Activity Reporting page check-box and click Save.

You can filter your activities by:

  • WHO: Filter by a team member (see A)
  • WHEN: Filter by date (see B). Use Calendar for specific dates or Quick select links: This month/Last month/This week/Last week.
  • WHAT: Filter by activity type: All, Notes,Calls, Deals, Actions, Emails, Updates (see C).

Activity type that is recorded in the activity stream:

  • top level stats: number of notes/calls/contacts created or edited, Deals: pending/won/lost.
  • updating contacts' details (status, tags, address, emails addresses, ownership etc)
  • new sales actions
  • sales actions updates
  • adding and updating notes
  • copy of emails sent to contacts
  • adding new deals
  • update of existing pending deals (probability stages, expected close date)
  • record of all won & lost deals.

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