What is contact's activity timeline?

Timeline is a presentation of a contact's activity in chronological order. OnePageCRM displays the history of interactions with a given lead or prospect such as notes, calls, deals, actions, recorded emails or other updates with a time-stamp and team member responsible for the change.

Use quick filters in the Activity bar to retrieve the required information:

  • All: a list of all types of interactions in chronological order.
  • Notes & Calls: chronological view on notes and calls, including notes that are associated with deals.
  • Deals: thread of updates related to deals including deals progression and closure dates updates history.
  • Actions: record of updates of past Next Actions.
  • Emails: copy of emails sent using Email dropbox address, Email sync (only for Private closed Beta users) & record of marketing email campaign details.
  • Updates: record of status, contact details updates such as websites, phone numbers or background updates.

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