How to link multiple contacts?

If you have an existing organization in Account view and want to link another contact who does not work for this organization to it:

  1. Open up Contact view and select the organization icon (see A).

  2. Select Link a contact from the popup (see B) and begin typing the name of your contact into the search bar.

  3. If the contact already exists in OnePageCRM, suggestions will begin to appear below the search bar (see C).

  4. Choose your contact and select  Link.

  • Linking a contact to an organization is usually only done when the contact does not work for that organization but may be involved in a deal with it. An example here would be linking an architect to a construction company for a building project you are working on.

For more information on how to access the list of all contacts under an organization, check out the  Working with organization account (Account View) help article.

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