What is the Notifications area?

In the notifications area, you'll find updates about activities that have been assigned to you from another team member like a contact or a Next Action. This is also where you'll find any unassigned emails. 

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Types of updates in the Notifications Area
How to access the Notifications Area
Working with Unassigned Emails

Types of updates in the Notifications area

  • Next Actions: When a Next Action has been assigned to you by another team member for one or more contacts.
  • Contacts: When contacts have been assigned to you by a team member either via a bulk update, import or webforms like Wufoo, Mailchimp forms or Unbounce.
  • Unassigned emails: When you use your email capture address on an outgoing email (or forward an incoming email) to a contact that doesn't already exist in the CRM but you want to log this email against an existing contact or create a new contact who does not already exist in your OnePageCRM account.

How to access the Notifications area

Click on the bell icon to view your Notifications.

  • To view the notifications individually → click on each of them.
  • To view all notifications → click on See all notifications
  • To work with emails only → click on Unassigned Emails.
  • Note: Click on Mark all as read to dismiss all notifications.

    Once you click on See all notifications, you are taken to your dedicated Notifications page where you can click on the individual notification to find out more details about assigned contacts, actions, and unassigned emails.
    Note: To dismiss the notifications (and remove the red notification badge on the bell icon) → click on "Mark all as read".

    Working with Unassigned Emails 

    • Here you can assign an email to an existing contact by clicking on the Search contacts bar → select the preferred contact → Assign.
    • Assign an email to a new contact by clicking Create new contact
    • Delete unassigned emails by clicking Delete.

    • The red notification badge will disappear when all notifications are manually dismissed.
    • When you assign emails to an existing or new contact, the email will be found under the contact's Activity timeline.

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