How to send emails directly from inside OnePageCRM [Gmail]

This feature is currently is in a closed beta group, however it will be released soon. If you'd like to try it out, please email

In order to send emails directly from inside OnePageCRM, you must first have a Google Apps mail or Gmail address associated with your account.

To set up this integration:

  1. Open Apps > Integrations (see A) and select Email (see B). 

  2. Under CONFIGURATION, select Gmail / Google Apps mail from the drop down (see C) and click on Connect (see D) and give OnePageCRM permission to access / send emails.

  3. You'll see CONNECTED (see E) confirming the integration is working.
  4. If you wish to add an email signature, check the Enable signature check box (see F) and add an Email signature (see G). 

  5. To send an email, open up Contact view and hover over and click their email address (see H). 

  6. Enter your email message (see I) or choose a Template (see J) and pick your template from the list (see K).
  7. Click Send.

How to pin Email to the Apps menu

To pin the  Email integration to the Apps menu (see L), select the check-box: Pin this application to the Apps menu (see M).


  • You must have a Google Apps mail or Gmail email address associated with your OnePageCRM account - all emails are sent from this address.
  • It is possible to set up email templates which can be accessed in this area also. Learn more here.
  • Under Templates (see J), you can select Save message as a template to reuse this email in future.

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