How Speed Dialer for Android works

The OnePageCRM Speed dialer allows you to make calls to a list of selected contacts while on the go.In order for contacts to be displayed in the Speed Dialer, contacts must be starred, have a Next Action and a phone number. 

How it works (Android)

Open your android mobile app and select  MORE.
Select Speed dialer from the menu.

If you do not already have the Android Speed dialer installed you will be directed to the Google play store → click Install.
Verify your account. 

If you already have the Speed dialer installed it will automatically open the app and show you a list of your starred contacts.
Note: A starred contact will only appear if they are assigned to your user and if the contact has a phone number.
Click on the contact you wish to call.
After the call, you can Add Call Result. Note: Click Next or Previous to see other contacts on the list. 

Click  Save
  • You will get a notification if someone on your call list rings you so you can log the call result. 
  • The Android Speed Dialer is a separate app and must be downloaded from the app store