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There are two views in the Pipeline you can choose the Forecast view or the Kanban view. 

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Totals display Deal list

Customize sales targets

    In the forecast view → click Edit button beside Target.
    In the Edit sales target  pop-up, enter individual monthly targets for you or your team member in the boxes provided → click Save.
    Note: Select the pencil icon to edit the default sales targets.

Move a deal from one stage to another

Select a deal from the pipeline → in the pop-up box, select the  STAGE dropdown.

Choose the deal stage you wish to move the deal to from the dropdown. 

The deal will be automatically displayed under the new deal stage. 

Totals display

There are two options to display total amounts in the pipeline. 

  • Total won = only won amounts
  • Expected total = Won + Pending amounts
Click on the downward arrow to change the display. 

Deal List

To filter by deal type → see the Deal list under the pipeline → click the Show drop-down.
Choose to view from the following:
  • Pending: Only Pending deals will be displayed.
  • Won: Only Won deals.
  • Lost: Only Lost deals.
  • Closed (Won/Lost): Displays both Won and Lost deals but not Pending.
  • All deals: View all deals in your account.

Click on the gear ic on to customize the Deal list. Select or deselect the fields to add a column.
Note: You can add up to 9 columns to the Deal list. The columns  Deal nameContactStage and  Amount are mandatory columns in the Deal list. You then have the option to select from the following columns:
  • Commission
  • Created 
  • Margin
  • Owner
  • Close Date
  • Deal Custom fields.

Drag the fields to reorder them →  Apply.

Once you've applied the columns on your Deal list, you'll see them in the Deal details in the Forecast view.

Note: You can open your contact in a popup while viewing a deal to add next actions, notes, deals and calls. 

  • In Forecast view, you can choose to see view the pipeline by month, quarter or year.  
  • Deal amounts and number of deals will update immediately when you move a deal from one deal stage to another.
  • You must have a deal created in order to view it in the pipeline page.

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