What is the difference between Clone and Split contact in OnePageCRM?

In OnePageCRM when you have contacts working in the same organization, you have the option to clone them or split them from the organization. 

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When to clone a contact When to split a contact

When to clone a contact

If you're adding a new contact to an organization, you can use the clone feature to save time and create a new contact. When you clone a contact, the following fields are inherited and are automatically filled in for you: 

  • Phone number 
  • Address
  • Status Label 
  • Tags
  • Lead Source
  • Background 
  • Owner 
  • Custom fields
  • All organization default and custom fields

While other fields such as First Name, Last Name, Job Title, and Email are not inherited and will need to be manually updated.

When to split a contact

You might want to split a contact from an organization if they're no longer working with the company. Splitting a contact from an organization means that you're moving the contact away from it. You have the option to keep the contact independent from any organization or move them to a new or existing one. When you split a contact from one organization into a new or existing one, the contact and its fields don't change, however, any organization fields will be inherited from the new company.

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