How to clone a contact in OnePageCRM

To clone a contact in OnePageCRM it must first be associated with an organisation. The cloned contact will inherit all the contact details of the cloned contact which you can edit if you wish. 

Note: The last name, first name and email will be blank for you to complete with the new contact details. 

How to clone a contact in OnePageCRM

Go to your  Action stream  → click on the  contact you wish to clone.

In the contact view  → click on the Account View icon
In the Account view pop up, select the Options button  click Clone

This will create a new contact with details from the original contact inherited such as organization, phone number and address. However First name, Last name and Email will remain blank for you to complete. 
Add a First name, Last name, Email and amend the other details if you wish  → click Save.

A new contact will be created under the same organisation. 
  • You can only clone one contact at a time.
  • The contact must have an organization name in order to clone a contact.
  • You can edit the inherited details if needed. 

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