How to add/edit a contact

You can create contacts individually in OnePageCRM to store information like name, organization, phone number, email address, etc. You can import multiple contacts in bulk using a .CSV file. Read more here.

In this article learn how to:
Add a contact
Edit a contact
Open a contact in a popup

Add a Contact

    To add a contact, click on the Add Contact button at the top of the Action Stream.

      Note: Contacts must have either a Last name or Organization name in order to create a contact.

    Enter all required contact details and assign a status, tags, lead source, background, and owner.

    Note: Certain fields, like Phone, Email, URL and Address can be given a label to identify the type of details in these fields, for example, Home, Work, Billing etc. Click on the type dropdown for each contact detail to set a type.
    If you usually work with the same detail type, you can set a default so that you don't have to change it every time you're adding/ editing a contact. For each field, click on the type dropdown → click Set default  → select your default field type → Save

    Once you've added all the necessary details hit  Save.

    After you've saved a contact, you are prompted to enter a Next Action for this contact → Click Save

    After the Next Action is saved, you'll see the new contact in your Action Stream.

    Edit a contact

           To edit a contact, click on the Pencil Icon button.


      Click on the More Icon (three dots) Edit.

    How to open contacts in a popup

    You can view your contact's page, update actions, add notes, calls, and deals without leaving the Pipeline, Email, or Activity pages.

    Simply click on the Contact's name to see the popup window. 


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