How to mark a contact as private

While OnePageCRM operates as a shared database, we understand that some users need to keep certain contacts hidden from the team’s shared activity stream. Private contacts are contacts that aren't associated with an account. 

Account Owners or Administrators can create Private contacts by default however, sub-users must be given access to this privilege.

What are private contacts?

With private contacts, you can create a separate group of non-sales-related contacts that can be managed privately in your CRM.

Any contact who is assigned Private status by you will only appear in your Action Stream and Private filter. These contacts cannot be accessed by anyone else, including the account owner or administrator.

When to use private contacts?

Use Private contacts to separate non-sales-related contacts such as legal or financial contacts, from the rest of your sales team.

How to mark a contact as private?

Open the contact you wish to mark as private → click on the pencil icon to the top right.

Under Contact info → scroll down to the Owner field → select yourself as the contact's owner → select the Make private checkbox.

Click Save.
A lock symbol will appear beside the contact's name indicating that they are private and cannot be viewed by anyone else.

How to access your Private contacts?

To access your private contacts → go to your Action Stream or Contact Page → select thefilter in the right-hand column. 

Note: Private filter is only visible to you and contains just your private contacts.

Update sub-users privileges to set private contacts

Click on your User/Profile iconUsers, Plans and BillingUsers tab.
Select your user you wish to give permission to → check the box beside Own private contacts Save.

  • By default, the Account owner and Administrators automatically have access to the private contacts feature.
  • Private contacts only appear in your Action Stream / Contact page and the Private filter. They are not visible in any other filters like Waiting forStarredStatus, Tags, Lead source, etc. that are accessible by the rest of the team.
  • To make a contact private you must first be the contact owner. 
  • Contacts with Next Actions assigned to another user on the account cannot be made private. 
  • Contacts that have a closed sales cycle cannot be made private.
  • Private contacts cannot have deals (pending, won, or lost).
  • Private contacts cannot have relationships. 
  • It is not possible to enable Email Sync for private contacts.
  • Emails sent to your Capture email address will be captured. However, if your team members send an email to a contact you've marked private, this email will not be assigned to the private contact, it will drop in the Unassigned Emails section. 
  • You cannot assign an email from Unassigned Emails to a private contact.
  • Private contacts and their associated actions are not accessible on the iOS and Andriod Mobile Apps.
  • You cannot mark a contact as private if they are the last contact associated with the organization and the following Organization info fields are filled in:
    • Description
    • Phone number
    • URL
    • Organization Custom Fields
    • Address, City, State, Zip, Country
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