How to set up Email Sync (Closed Beta users only)

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Email Sync allows you to log all incoming and outgoing email conversations with your contacts in OnePageCRM. OnePageCRM uses the services of the email messaging platform called Nylas in order to offer you this email storage facility.

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Setup Email Sync
Email Privacy
Email Sync Status

How to setup Email Sync

Go to your User Profile / Initials (in the top right hand corner) → Select  Apps and Integrations.
Under Communication Apps go to Email →go to  Email → select Gmail / Google Apps mail from the drop-down → click Connect  to give OnePageCRM permission to access / send emails.
In Configuration → add your email address under Connect your Email AccountConnect.
Depending on your email client selected, you'll need to enter your email account details:

  • Standard email clients including; Gmail / Google Apps mail, Microsoft, Hotmail, Office 365, Yahoo mail and Apple Mail / iCloud will require you to log into your account:
    • Log in with your email addresses' credentials to allow OnePageCRM to access your email info.
    • On the Google Account page, you'll need to click Allow to give permission to OnePageCRM to access your Gmail / Google Apps email account.
  • All the other custom domain / address options will require you to enter some details specific to your IMAP account:
    • On the Nylas page, choose Other as your email provider and click Continue.
    • In the Sign in to your email account form, fill in the following email account details:
      • Email address: the email address of your IMAP account e.g
      • Your email password: the password used to login to your email account.
      • IMAP host: this differs for each email service provider. Set by default to 993. For example: with 993 port.
      • SMTP host: this differs for each email service provider. Set by default to 587.
      • Click Sign in.
Your connected email account is displayed under Connected account.
Note: It may take some time for your email account to be synced.

How to set up Email Privacy

Email Privacy gives you the option to add email addresses for contacts you never want to store email correspondence in OnePageCRM. For more details on privacy configuration click here.

How to check your Email Sync Status

You can monitor and keep an eye on the progress for errors in your sync in the  Status section.

  • ONLY one email address can be connected by a user.
  • Emails are captured ONLY for existing contacts.
  • Incoming and outgoing emails are stored from the time Email Sync has been successfully connected. Emails sent before the sync has been connected will not be stored.
  • Only one email address at a time can be added to the List of excluded emails on Configuration page.
  • To find your IMAP settings for Outlook or Apple Mail, please read this support article.
  • If an email account is removed, it will be only disconnected from OnePageCRM but no emails stored in OnePageCRM will be deleted. For more details check out How to remove an email account from OnePageCRM?

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