How Email Open Tracking works

Email open tracking allows you to see when your prospects open your emails and how many times, so you can strike while the iron is hot! 

Plans: Email open tracking is available on the Business plan.

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Enable email tracking
Disable email tracking
Using open email tracking

Enable email tracking


Go to your  Email page → Select Email Settings.

Connect your email address to OnePageCRM. See here.
Once connected, under Configuration, if you're on the Business plan the Allow Open Tracking will be automatically selected. This ensures that all emails sent from OnePageCRM have the email tracking on by default. If disabled, you have the option to select  Allow Open Tracking

Disable email tracking

You have the option to disable email tracking for all outgoing emails or on an individual basis. 

Disable Email tracking for all emails

Under Configuration, untick the box to Allow Open Tracking. 

Disable Open Email Tracking for individual emails
Click on an email address to compose an email.
At the bottom of the email editor,  there is an option to Track. You can turn   off/on email tracking if you wish for individual emails. 

Using email tracking

When email tracking is enabled in your account, any email you send from your OnePageCRM account will be tracked. Email tracking will monitor and report on: 

  • Whether the email has been opened
  • How many times the email has been opened
  • The date and time that the email has been opened

When you send an email to your contact, you can view if they have opened the email from two places:

In the contact view

Go to the Activity timeline →  Emails.

On the Email Page
The Email page contains the Open tracking filter that will organize your emails in order of the latest emails opened allowing you to focus on the most engaged leads that are interested in your emails.
Open the  Email page →  Open tracking.
  • If email tracking is disabled on the Email settings page, you won't be able to enable email tracking for individual emails. 
  • If you send an email from outside of your OnePageCRM account, directly from your email client, this email will not be tracked. 
  • OnePageCRM displays the 10 most recent times an email was opened. If an email is opened more than this, the email tracking report will notify you that the email has been opened more than 10 times.
  •  If you downgrade from the Business plan to the Professional plan, you will lose access to email tracking. However, any open email tracking reported prior to the downgrade will still be visible to you.
  • Email tracking is only available for Gmail and Outlook / Outlook 365 email accounts.

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