Focused User (Beta Access)

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A Focused User can only view contacts assigned to them. Unlike the Account Owner, Administrators and Users, Focused Users can only view and edit the contacts owned by them. 

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Create a Focused User
Privileges of a Focused User
Focused User Limitations

Create a Focused User

Click on your User profileUsers and Billing.
Under  Users → click on the  Add user link.
In the User Details pop-up, enter values for the required  First nameLast name and  Email address (Username) fields.
Select Focused User in the  Access drop-down.
You have the option assign different privileges in the Permissions tab → click  Next to open the  Permissions tab.
In the Permissions tab tick each privilege to enable access → click Send email to add the new Focused User.
Now that the Focused User has been created you must assign contacts to the  Focused User for them to start their work. 
Note: The contacts assigned to  Focused Users are the only contacts that they will see, however you can view their contacts by selecting their user in the  Team Stream

Privileges of a Focused User

Similar to the general user, the  Focused User can be granted different permissions as required. However, certain restrictions apply as their access is limited to contacts that are owned by them/ assigned to them. Below is a list of what the Focused User can do on the account: 

  • View, edit and delete contacts assigned to them.
  • View and create Deals associated with contacts they own in the Pipeline and the Organization view. They can view the Pipeline only if the privilege is enabled for their user.
  • View, run and save custom reports the activity of contacts they own. 
  • Access the Organization view of a contact they own. The Focused User can view all organization activity of contacts pertaining to the organization. Only Deals associated with contacts they own will be visible here. The Focused User will be notified if there are other contacts associated with the organization that are not assigned to them.

  • Create and Import new contacts. If the Focused User creates a duplicate contact with an existing email address, the original contact owner will be notified by email.Note: If the Focused User creates a duplicate contact with the same email address, any emails sent to that email address will be logged under all contacts in the account.
  • Export contacts they own if it's enabled from their user privilege. 
  • Run filter and tag contacts owned by them. 
    Note: Any filter run by a Focused User may not show full results of all contacts in the account.
  • View and edit user Preferences and Localization settings.

Focused User Limitations

When you create a  Focused User in OnePageCRM, both the general users and the Focused Users have different limitations to keep in mind. The limitations are centered around the concept of contact ownership and the fact that Focused Users cannot access any contact that is not owned by them/ assigned to them, and so the following constraints apply: 

  • Focused Users cannot add, edit or delete any user. They also cannot view the Team Stream.
  • Focused Users cannot add, edit or delete Custom fields.
  • Focused Users cannot customize Status Labels, Lead Sources, Call Results
  • If a Focused User changes the owner of any contact they own, they will not have access to that contact anymore.
  • If the Focused User owns a contact associated to an Organization with multiple contacts, these contacts will not be accessible to the Focused User.
  • Deals and activity in the Organization view, contact timeline and Activity page associated with contacts that are not assigned to the Focused User won't be visible or accessible to them.
  • The Focused User will lose access to a contact and all its Actions when ownership is changed. If there are Next Actions and Queued actions assigned to the Focused User these won't be visible to them anymore as they no longer own the contact.
  • You can assign Next Actions to a Focused User only if the contact is owned by them.
  • A general user cannot mention or notify Focused Users in Calls, Notes and Deals if the contact is not assigned to the Focused User.
  • Focused Users can't be mentioned or notified in Calls, Notes and Deals if the contact you're working on is not owned by them.
  • Next Actions can't be assigned to a Focused User if the contact is not owned by them
  • Focused Users don't have access to API, Webhooks or Zapier in the Apps & Integration page.

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