How to add contacts to an existing organization

If you have multiple contacts within the same organization, you can quickly add them together by entering the same Organization name for each contact. There are two ways to achieve this.

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Create a new individual contact Create new contact from Account view

Create a new individual contact

Click the Add Contact button at the top of your Action Stream.
In the  Contact info page, fill in your contact's details and enter their  Organization name.
You will be prompted with existing organization names. If you wish to assign the contact to an existing organization, just select the one of your  choice . Otherwise, type the new  Organization name.
Click Save to create a contact.

Create a new contact from Account view

Open the Account view of your chosen organization → click on  Add a contact.
Fill in the contact's details. Note: The Organization field is already pre-populated with that of the Account view.
Click  Save.

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