Importing contacts from Google Contacts

  1. Go to gear icon > Import and Export (see A).
  2. On the Import and Export page, go to  Direct import  section and click on Google Contacts icon (see B).
  3. Once on Import from Google Contacts > Step 1. Connect account page:
    • To connect to your Google account, click on the Connect to Google button (see C
    • Allow OnePageCRM to view your Google Contacts.
    • Once connected, click Next.

  4. In Step 2: Select groups, choose an import option from the Select which contact Groups’ are to be imported drop-down: Import all 'My Contacts' or Import specific groups from within 'My Contacts'. If the latter is selected, select one or more options and tick/untick Convert Google Contacts 'Groups' to 'Tags' in OnePageCRM.
  5. Set your preferences to all imported contacts in Step 3: Preferences (Optional) and click Next:
    • Select Contact owner
    • Set Status
    • Apply tags
    • Apply a Next Action and date
  6. In Step 4: Import, details of the import are displayed. Click Import now to initiate upload. 
  7. Once import is successful, a message "Success! Your import has been queued. You will be emailed when it is completed. Go back to the Import/Export Page to see its progress." will appear. Also you will receive "Your import of your Google Contacts is ready" email sent to your email address.
  8. Done!
    • Contacts with only email address won't be imported. (Last name or Organization name is required).
    • If you have already imported Contacts from your Google account, they will be ignored during next import and not duplicated or merged.
    • After import you will be able to select imported contacts.

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