How OnePageCRM integrates with Google

OnePageCRM connects with Google in various ways to integrate with Google Contacts, Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Drive.

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Connect Contacts Connect to Gmail
Connect Google Calendar Connect to Google Drive

Connect Contacts

OnePageCRM has an integration with Google Contacts that allows you to:

  • Import contacts into OnePageCRM from Google Contacts - read more here.
  • Save contacts from OnePageCRM to Google Contacts individually and in bulk - read more here.
  • Create contacts in one click from Gmail, check out our Chrome Extension - read more here.

Connect to Gmail

Send and Save emails manually

  • Send emails individually and in bulk using templates - read more here

Full (two-way) Email sync 

  • Automatically sync and log both incoming and outgoing emails to contacts who exist in OnePageCRM - read more here

Forward emails to your Email Capture Address

  • Each user in OnePageCRM has their own unique Email Capture Address so they can forward emails to contacts that don't already exist in the CRM - read more here

Email Open Tracking (Available on SMB Plus and Enterprise Plan)

  • Track email opens so you can strike while the iron is still hot - read more here

Fetch Historical Emails (Available on SMB Plus and Enterprise Plan)

  • Know where you left off your email conversation with your prospect or customer by retrieving your email history - read more here

Connect Google Calendar

There are two ways you can connect with Google calendar:

  • You can manually push Next Actions one by one - read more here.
  • Using your unique calendar URL, push Next Actions automatically - read more here.

Store files with Google Drive

You can connect with Google Drive to quickly link to files on Google Drive - read more here.

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