Not a Gmail or Outlook 365 user?

If you're not a Gmail or Outlook user, you have the option to send individual emails directly from your email client, and use your unique Email Capture Address to forward emails to your OnePageCRM account.

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Set Mailto as default  Store emails with Email Capture Address
Send emails
Create contacts using Email Capture Address

Set Mailto as default

Open the Contact view of any contact → Select the  downward arrow next to the email address. 
From the dropdown options select  Set default.

In the pop-up select  Send from client via mailto → Hit Save.

Note: Make sure to enable the Email Capture Address to be included in outgoing emails to have them automatically forwarded to the CRM.

Send emails

To send emails from your email client, you must first set up your default email client on your computer. If you're using a Windows PC, see here how to set your default email client, and if you're a Mac, see here.
Once your default email client is set up on your computer, you can send emails to contacts from your OnePageCRM account by clicking on their email address.
Your default email client will open a new compose email window and the Capture email address will be auto-populated in the the Bcc field allowing you to store the email within OnePageCRM.

Store emails with Email Capture Address

Your  OnePageCRM Email Capture Address gives you the option to log your email communication with your customers in OnePageCRM if you're not connected with Email Sync. You can do this in two ways:

  • Reply to a contact from your email client and paste your Email Capture Address into the Bcc field for the email to be logged in to OnePageCRM.

  • Forward the email and in the To field put your Capture email address to log this email in OnePageCRM.

Note: Captured emails are logged under the contact’s Emails timeline tab.

You can also find them under the Email page. 

Create contact using Email Capture Address

If the email address doesn't exist in OnePageCRM but the Capture Email address has been added in the To or Bcc field, the email will be sent to the Notifications area in OnePageCRM. 
This email will be stored in the Unassigned Email section allowing you to create the new contact. Click on the bell icon (top right-hand side) → Unassigned Emails.
Under Unassigned Emails, select  Create new contact.
The email will be assigned to the new contact you've just created and you'll now have the option to reply directly from OnePageCRM.

  • You cannot send emails in bulk if you're not a Gmail or Outlook user.
  • It is not possible to track opened emails if you send an email through your email client. You must first connect a Gmail or Outlook email address to OnePageCRM to use this functionality. 
  • Email templates are not available for emails sent through your email client. You will need to connect a Gmail or Outlook email address in order to set up email templates. 
  • To use Email Sync you must be a Gmail or Outlook user.
  • Emails or attachments must not exceed 30MB per email. 
  • Your total available file storage depends on your plan: 
    • Professional Plan: 10GB/user
    • Business Plan: 20GB/user
  • Emails will be logged within a matter of minutes, but from time to time users may experience a slight delay depending on the volume of emails being processed at that time.
  • You cannot delete emails in bulk from OnePageCRM.

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