How to import deals into OnePageCRM

You can import multiple deals into OnePageCRM once your file is saved in a .CSV (comma-separated value) file format.

You can import the following fields: Email address, Deal name, Amount, Number of months, Cost, Commission %, Commission amount, Deal created, Expected close date, Close date, Deal stage, and Notes along with any Deal Custom Fields you've created.

Go to your User Profile (top right)    Import and Export under IMPORT FROM FILE → Select  Deals.

Select file → choose the .CSV file you wish to import. 
Select your preferred .CSV file format: , comma or ; semicolon and select  Upload & Next.
In step  MAP FIELDS → map the columns from your uploaded file with OnePageCRM fields → Select  Next.  Note: Each deal needs to have a contact name and deal name in order for it to be imported.
Select the pipeline you wish to import these deals to (if only one pipeline, this will be already selected) and click on  Next. 
Review the details of your import →  Import now.  

Once the import is successful, the following message will appear:  "Success! Your import has been queued. You will be emailed when it is completed. Go back to the Import and Export Page to see its progress."


  • You must create deal custom fields in OnePageCRM prior to doing your import.
  • The maximum number of deals you can import at one time is 4,999. If your file is larger then you'll need to split it into smaller files.
  • You cannot import deal items
  • The default column separator for .csv file is the , (comma) character. 
  • There is an option to undo your deal import for 24 hours after you complete it. Go to the Import & Export page scroll down to the Import / Export history section and click Undo import.

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