How to add/edit relationships

Define, set, and display relationships between contacts (be it a spouse, a business partner, a co-signer, an influencer, or anyone else connected to the sale to always have the full picture right there in front of you.

In this article learn how to:
Add relationship
Edit relationship
Configure relationship options 

Add relationship

In the Contact View, select the Contact menu (three dots icon)Add relationship.

Select Add relatioship from the menu

Search and select the contact you wish to link → Click on Please select... to open the dropdown options → Choose the relationship → Click Save.

Add relatioship

Edit relationship 


In the Contact View, select the three dots menu beside the related contact → Edit Relationship.

Edit relationship

Choose from the dropdown options for a new relationship → Click Save

Edit relationship pop-up

Note: You can remove an existing relationship by selecting Delete relationship

Delete relationship

Configure relationship options 

In the Contact View, select the Contact menu ( three dots icon) →  Add relationship

Select Add relationship

Select Configure Relationships

Add relationship pop-up

Select the plus icon to add a new relationship.

Configure relationship pop-up

Note: To Edit any existing relationship options → click on the field you wish to change.

Configure relationship - edit

Note: Delete a relationship option by selecting the minus icon.

Configure relationship - delete

Hit Save.


  • You can connect up to 30 relationships to a contact.
  • You can add up to 30 relationship options.
  • You cannot add relationships to private contacts. 
  • Editing relationships will update the name of the option in the existing contacts.

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