How to update contacts in bulk

We know that you'll be managing a large number of contacts and there will be times where you'll need to make the same update for a large number of contacts. To help you save time you can make updates to multiple contacts. The bulk update option allows you to  delete contacts, update Status/Tags, change contacts' owner or update actions, quick export, Lead source, Contact address, Organization address, Sync Status and Sync Tag.

Select a contact or all contacts by ticking the contact checkbox. 
In the  Bulk updates bar choose one of the following options to amend the contacts selected:
  • If you have more contacts than the 'default number of contacts loaded' in settings, and you want to bulk update all of them, you can do so by clicking on the "all # contact" link in the text that appeares at the bottom of Bulk update bar.
  • The Last activity filter in the Advanced search will not record bulk updates applied to contacts.
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