How to delete contacts?

If you wish to remove contacts, you can either delete them in bulk or delete contacts individually.

Delete multiple contacts (Bulk updates) 

To delete one or more contacts, you can use the Bulk updates bar. See steps below:

  1. Select contacts: all (see A) or individual contacts (see B).
  2. Delete contacts by choosing the bin icon in the bulk menu (see C).

Delete individual contacts

To delete a single contact,  proceed as below:

  1. Open a contact and click Edit at the top right corner (see A).
  2. In the Edit contact page, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Delete contact (see B).

  3. In the warning message click OK.
  • To undo the deletion of a contact, go to Activity Reporting > click on the Undo delete link. You have only 24 hours to use the undo option.

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