How to change user permissions

The  Account Owner or Administrators of the account have the authority to change the permissions of a user. There are three types of users in OnePageCRM, see more here.

Click on your User profileUsers, Plans and Billing →  Users.

Select the user whom you wish to update.
In the Permissions tab, select the appropriate check-boxes to assign one or more specific permissions for a User. The following are user permissions to which you can give access:   

Delete contacts Own private contacts
Export contacts (and deals) in bulk
Save to Google Contacts
Download vCard Delete deals
View Pipeline page Edit own targets
Add / Edit deal items View Activity page
Create and edit reports  Bulk update Status
Bulk update Contact Owner Allow full (two-way) email sync 
Add/Edit/Delete Autoflows
Hit  Save to submit changes.


  • Only Administrators and Account holders can enable and disable 'Bulk update Status ' and 'Bulk update Contact Owner' permissions for users. 
  • The sales targets are part of the Pipeline page, so only if they have access to the Pipeline page can then be given the option to edit their own Targets.
  • If you wish to grant full access to the user, select the Administrator option from the drop-down instead of User.

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