How to export contacts from OnePageCRM

There are different reasons you may need to export your data from OnePageCRM - you might need to further analyze and report on a specific segment of contacts or you may require a full backup of your contacts.

In OnePageCRM you have the option to export your contacts in a CSV or Excel file, and you can also filter the contacts you require and export only these. Take a look below at the steps for exporting your contacts.  

If you're looking to export your Deals, see here.

Export all contacts or Export by filter

Click on your User/Profile icon (top right-hand corner) → Import and Export → under Export select Contacts Export to file.

Import & Export Page, click on Contacts Export to file.

Under Export contacts to CSV / excel file select your export options from the dropdowns:
  • Dataset
    • Contacts
    • Contacts (Inc. notes, calls, etc.

Dataset table

  • Contacts
    • All Contacts
    • By Tag
    • By Status
    • By Country
    • By Filter
    • By Lead source
    • By Alphanumeric
    • By Owner
  • Format
    • CSV
    • Excel

Select export options from dropdowns for the Dataset, Contacts and Format. Click Export.

Once selected click Export → on completion, the contacts are downloaded to your computer and saved as:
  • onepagecrm_contacts.csv
  • onepagecrm_contacts.xls.
  • Notes:

    • Emails and attachments stored in the CRM cannot be exported.
    • Exporting to an Excel format ensures the file formatting is not lost irrespective of the language selected in your operating system.

    Quick Export for selected contacts

    Select the appropriate contacts to export from your Action Stream or Contact Page.
    In the bulk update menu click More → select Quick Export from the dropdown to initiate the export.

    Select appropriate contacts, click on more and Quick Eport.

    On completion, the contacts are downloaded to your computer and saved as:
  • onepagecrm_contacts.csv
  • Note: Quick Exports are only available in a CSV format.

    When to export contacts?

    • Greater visibility for further analysis: Export contacts in order to get an overview and see the history of interactions made with your contacts.
    • To backup or share: You can export contacts if you would like to have a backup or maybe you need to share with other team members.
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