How to export deals from OnePageCRM?

To export pending and/or completed deals assigned to contacts, follow steps below:

  1. Go to gear icon > Import and Export tab (see A).
  2. On the Import and Export page, go to Export to file section and click on Deals icon (see B).
  3. Once on the Export deals to CSV/EXCEL file page, select export option (see C): all Pending Deals or all Closed deals (Won or Lost).
  4. Select your preferred file format, CSV or Excel (see D).
  5. Click on Export to start export (see E).
  6. On completion, your deals are downloaded to your computer.

Quick Export for selected deals

  1. In your Pipeline view, scroll down to Deal List. 
  2. Select export all deals, PendingWonLost or Closed from the drop down (see F).
  3. Click on CSV or Excel to download in your preferred format. 
  4. On completion, your deals are downloaded to your computer.

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