How to create custom activity reports (currently in closed beta)

To create custom activity reports in OnePageCRM: 

  1. Open Activity (see A) and click on ACTIVITY REPORTS > New Report (see B). 

  2. In the New report popup, choose the criteria to be included in this report by selecting the check-box beside each one (see C):
    • Users.
    • Contacts (New or Deleted contacts during the time period).
    • Status conversions: Any time you or a team member changed the status of contacts.
    • Calls (by call result).
    • Deals:
      • New
      • Won
      • Lost
      • Commission
      • Margin (if Cost is enabled).
    • Actions: 
      • New
      • Completed
      • Edited.
    • Notes:
      • Created
      • Edited.
    • Emails: 
      • Standard emails.

  3. Choose the date range you wish to run the report for from the drop-down (see D):
    • All time.
    • Year to date (YTD).
    • Last year.
    • This quarter.
    • Last quarter.
    • This month.
    • Last month.
    • Last week.
    • Custom...

  4. Select how you wish to refine the report (see E):
    • Group by: User (pre-selected).
    • Check the Include total columns check-box.
    • Segment by: Yearly, Quarterly or Monthly.
  5. Select Run to generate the report based on your selected criteria.

How to save your custom activity report:

After you've ran your activity report, you can Save, Modify or Download the contents. To save this report:

  1. Select Save to the top of the screen (see F). 

  2. In the Save report popup, enter a Report name and decide who on your sales team should be able to access it from the drop-down Visible to (see G).

  3. To set up email alerts for this report, select the check-box Email this report and decide on the frequency, format and recipients (see H).

  4. Click Save to save the report.

  5. Saved reports appear under Activity > ACTIVITY REPORTS (see I). 

How to update your custom activity report:

To update your custom activity report:

  1. Go to Activity ACTIVITY REPORTS and select the report you wish to modify (see K). 

  2. Select Modify to change any of the fields or Date range in the report (see L).

  3. Select Report settings to change Report name, Visible to or email settings (see M).

  4. Choose Duplicate to make a copy of the report and save it (see N).

  5. Select Refresh to update report information (see O). 

How to delete your custom activity report:

  1. To delete your saved activity report, go to Activity > ACTIVITY REPORTS and click the delete icon (see J). 

  • Modify allows you to view / update the report criteria.
  • Reports can be downloaded to CSV or Excel files as required.

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