How to change user privileges?

The  Account Owner or Administrators of the account have the authority to change the privileges of a user. There are three types of users in OnePageCRM, see more here.

Change a users privileges

Go to the  gear icon → click  Users and Billing from the drop-down.
Click on the user whom you wish to update.

In the Permissions tab, select the appropriate check-boxes to assign one or more specific privileges to a User. The following are user privileges to which you can give access:   

Delete contacts Own private contacts
Export contacts (and deals) in bulk
Save to Google Contacts
Download vCard Delete deals
View Pipeline page Edit own targets
Add / Edit deal items View Activity page
Create and edit reports  Bulk update Status
Bulk update Contact Owner
Click Save to submit changes.


  • Only Administrators and Account holders can enable and disable 'Bulk update Status ' and 'Bulk update Contact Owner' privileges for users. 
  • The sales targets are part of the Pipeline page, so they can edit their own Targets privilege option can only be selected together with the can see the Pipeline page option.
  • If you wish to grant full access to the user, select the Administrator option from the drop-down instead of User.

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