How to add /edit /remove a deal?

You can add, edit and remove deals related to a contact in OnePageCRM. 

In this article learn how to:
Add a deal Move a deal to another stage
Edit a deal Remove a deal

How to add a deal

Open a contact.
Click on the Add Deal button below the Next Action area.
Specify the details of your deal: 
  • Type name of the deal in the Deal name field
  • Specify an estimated deal amount in the Amount field
  • Specify an estimated deal amount in the Cost field to calculate the margin of your deal (Optional)
  • Select an Expected close date, this is good to help focus on deadlines. 
  • Set Deal stage. Assign a percentage as to the probability of closure and track the progress of a deal until it's won or lost
  • Select any Deal custom fields you have set up to assign specific information to a deal (Optional) 
  • Add a Note for the deal (Optional)
  • Attach documents from your computer, Google Drive or Dropbox
  • Pick a deal owner from the Owned by drop-down list. By default, this is set to Me
  • Select the check box to add Commission, Deal Items or to make this a Multi-month deal
Hit  Save to create a deal.
Note: You can open your contact in a popup while viewing a deal to add next actions, notes, deals and calls. 

Once your deal is created you can easily share it with your teammates by clicking the  3 dots and selecting  Copy deal link from the dropdown. The link opens the  Deal View in the Pipeline tab.

How to edit a deal

Open the contact that owns the deal you wish to edit.
Click on the Edit pencil icon in the Pending Deal box.

In the Edit Deal box, you can amend:
  • Deal name
  • Amount 
  • Expected close date
  • Deal stage 
  • Deal custom fields
  • Date Created
  • Commission
  • Deal Items
  • Multi-month (recurring deals)
  • Add note
  • Add attachment.

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    Hit Save.

    How to move a deal to another stage 

    Open the contact that owns the deal you wish to move.
    Select the preferred deal stage you wish to move it to. Your deal will be updated to reflect the changes. 

    How to remove a deal

    Open the contact you wish to delete the deal from.
    Click on the bin icon in the Pending Deal box.
    • You can drag 'n drop a file from your computer and attach it to a deal. 
    • You can also relate a note to a deal when creating a note. For more details check out How to add a note to a contact?.
    • You can undo the deletion of a deal for up to 24 hours after it has been deleted. Go to the Activity Page → Deals → click on undo delete. 
    • You cannot bulk update deal stages (pending lost or won) or delete deals in bulk, however, if you go to the Pipeline page, it will allow you to update deals quicker.

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