How to add /edit /remove a deal?

You can manage deals with a contact by following the instructions below:

  • Add a deal
  • Edit a deal
  • Remove a deal

Add a deal

To add a deal for a contact:

  1. Open a contact.
  2. Click on the Add Deal button (see A) below the Next Action area.
  3. Specify the details of your deal (see B): 
    • Type name of deal in the Deal name field.
    • Specify an estimated deal amount in the Amount field.
    • Specify an estimated deal amount in the Cost field
    • Pick an Expected close date.
    • Set Deal stage to a Pending probability percentage, Won or Lost
    • Select any Deal custom fields you have set up (see D).
    • Add a Note for the deal. You can format note text by making it bold/italics. (Optional)
    • Attach documents from your computer, Google Drive or Dropbox.
    • Pick a deal owner from the Owned by drop-down list. By default this is set to Me.
    • Select the check box to add Commission or to make this a Multi-month deal (see C).
  4. Click Save (see E) to create a deal.

Edit a deal

  1. Open a contact for which you wish to edit a deal.
  2. Click on the Edit deal icon (see F) in the Pending Deal box.
  3. In the Edit Deal box, you can amend:
    • Deal name
    • Amount 
    • Expected close date
    • Deal stage 
    • Deal custom fields
    • Date Created
    • Commission
    • Multi-month (recurring deals)
    • Add note
    • Add attachment.
  4. Click Save to submit changes.

To move a deal to another stage 

  1. Open a contact in OnePageCRM.
  2. To move a deal, click on the preferred deal stage (see G) you wish to move it too. 
  3. Your deal will be updated to reflect the changes. 

Remove a deal

  1. Open a contact for which you wish to delete a deal.
  2. Click on the bin icon (see H) in the Pending Deal box.

To undo the deletion of a deal go to Activity Reporting >  Deals and find deleted contact record you wish to restore> click on Undo delete link. You have only 24 hours to use the Undo option.

  • You can now drag n' drop a file from your computer and attach it to a deal. 
  • You can also relate a note to a deal when creating a note. For more details check out How to add a note to a contact?.

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