How to add a note to a contact?

To add a note, open a contact that you wish to add a note to:

  1. Click on Add Note (see A) below the Next Action area.
  2. Enter your note in the text area box (see B). 
  3. Attach a file to your note from your computer, Google Drive or Dropbox. Note: You can drag n' drop attachments also.
  4. To notify your team members about a note by email:
    • Click Notify  below the text area box.
    • Select team members to be notified; or Select All for notification email to be sent to all team members.

    Note: You can turn off notifications of a contact owner when adding a note or call in the Settings page under Preferences. 

  5. Relate note to an existing deal by selecting the deal’s name from the Note relates to... drop-down list.
  6. Press Save (see C) to record note.

Related note appears with a deal under Show/Hide related notes link (see D).

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