How to add a note to a contact?

To add a note, open a contact that you wish to add a note to:

  1. Click on the Add Note button (see A) below the Next Action area.
  2. Enter your note in the text area box (see B). 
  3. Apply bold or italic formatting if required.
  4. Attach a file to your note from your computer, Google Drive or Dropbox.
  5. To notify your team members about a note by email (Feature available only in multi-user accounts):
    • Click Select beside Notify other user? below the text area box.
    • Select team members to be notified; or Select All for notification email to be sent to all team members.
  6. Relate note to an existing deal by selecting the deal’s name from the Note relates to... drop-down list.
  7. Press Save  (see C) to record note and to send out emails to selected team members.

Related note appears with a deal under Show/Hide related notes link (see D).

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