How to upload files and attachments

Attaching files and attachments to Notes, Calls and Deals is a great way to keep all related documentation within Contacts and Deals. In OnePageCRM you can attach or drag n' drop a file to Notes and Deals, and once the file is uploaded you can preview it without the need to download it and pin the important ones to the contact.

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Attach file to a Note, Call or Deal Edit / download / delete file

Attach file to Note, Call or Deal with drag n' drop

Preview file

How to attach a file to a Note, Call or Deal

Open a contact in OnePageCRM.
Click on  + Note, + Call or + Deal.
In the box → click on the clip icon → select the attachment you wish to upload → click Save.

Your Note with the attachment will be shown in the contacts Activity timeline below.

How to attach a file to a Note, Call or Deal with drag n' drop

Open a contact in OnePageCRM.
Click on  + Note, + Call or + Deal.
Drag n' drop your selected file into the box.

Your file will be attached to your Note → click Save.

Edit / download / delete file

  • Select the pencil icon to rename the attachment in OnePageCRM.

Note: The file name will change in OnePageCRM only, once the attachment is downloaded the original name will be displayed.

  • Select the arrow icon to download the attachment.

  • Select the bin icon to delete the attachment.

Preview file in OnePageCRM

Click on the attachment to open it in preview mode in OnePageCRM.
Note: You must download the attachment first to make edits to it.

Your attachment will open in preview mode.


  • The maximum attachment size is 10MB

    Your total available file storage depends on your plan: 

    • Legacy: 2GB/user
    • Professional: 10GB/user
    • Business: 20GB/user
  • The name of the attachment in OnePageCRM can be edited, however, once the file is downloaded onto a computer the original name will be restored. 
  • Preview mode doesn't allow you to make edits to the file attached. The attachment must be downloaded first if editing is required.
  • You can only preview these file formats: .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .gif, .pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xslx, .ppt, .pptx.
  • Once you upload a file, you have the option to pin it to the contact. See here.
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